İzmir based artist Cansu Çakar was born in Istanbul in 1988. She started her higher education in 2006 at Dokuz Eylul University Traditional Turkish Arts Department. In 2012 she went to Moholy – Nagy Arts and Design University in Budapest to study graphic design through a student exchange programme. She earned her BFA in 2013 and now runs an independent art studio called “Miniature Atelier” in Konak, İzmir. She believes that what makes us “modern” is not the imported ideas or concepts but aesthetic values buried in darkness, available in different layers of society, which lead the passages to contemporary art.She works on projects, which integrate contemporary art practices with Traditional Turkish Arts in an attempt to explore subcultures of the society. She emphasises the necessity to homogenate what is called traditional with the aesthetic perception focused on notions of kitsch and arabesque. Her TII exhibition, which was a closing exhibition of her project with verdicts, reveals this approach most significantly. (“TII”- İzmir 2 Type T Penitentiary Illumination Exhibition-Exhibition Producer- K2 – İzmir- Krampf Gallery, İstanbul 2013-2014) Cansu worked on two different projects for PORTIZMIR3- International Contemporary Art Triennial. Also her project 100° was created within the scope of the SALT WATER: A Theory of Thought Forms. 14th Istanbul Biennial. Cansu continues her personal works, which reflect how she relates with literary texts, poems, daily images and agendum she encounters.

Exhibitions and Workshops

-Artist at the 15th International Festival of Visual Arts For Young Artists from ECO Member States. Gorgan City, Iran 2008
-Exhibited workshops within International Biennial of Young Artists in Iran, 2008
-Exhibitor, Urla Art Days Festival, Izmir 2010 -Internal Restoration Artist at Restoration and Conservation Centre, active restoration of Revan Mansion and The Halberdiers With Tresses, Topkapi Palace, Istanbul 2010 – 2011
-Calligraphy Installation Artist in ”I am Georgia” exhibition at K2 Art Gallery, Izmir, 2011 -Product Designer at Instant Budapest one week workshop, Budapest 2012
-Exhibitor Artist at Budapest Design Week, Budapest 2012
-PORTIZMIR 3- International Contemporary Art Triennial- Temporary Intervention in Kemeraltı Exhibition – 10 days long workshop- Street Installation- İzmir- 2013-2014
-PORTIZMIR 3- International Contemporary Art Triennial, Deep Blue Project- Illustration- İzmir- 2014
-Artist at MAQUIS PROJECTS- “Remote Control: Conservative Illumination”- İzmir, 2015
-Artist at SALT WATER: A Theory of Thought Forms. 14th Istanbul Biennial- 100°- women’s atelier of illumination at Anatolian Passage(FLO), İstanbul, 2015 -Artist at Creative Çukurcuma “Neighbour” – part of the Urban Series Symposium organized by the Hungarian Cultural Centre- İstanbul- 2015
-Artist at “Detail” group exhibition – BLOK art Space, İstanbul, 2016
-’Mapping Stories and Destinations’ at the Lab -Darat al Funun, Amman-2016
-“Linear Trancendency” at the Lab- Darat al Funun, – Amman-2016
-Artist at “Glory Hole” group exhibition- Gaia Gallery, İstanbul- 2016
-Artist at “Darağaç/Bu Arada” street art exhibition- İzmir, 2016
-Artist at “Freundschaftsspiel Istanbul : Freiburg”- Museum für Neue Kunst – Freiburg- 2016
Artist at “Replaced” group exhibition- RAMPA İstanbul, İstanbul- 2016
-“Both Sides” – Solo- BLOK art space BVH, İstanbul, Eminönü, 2016

Curatorial Works

-Exhibitor and PR representing K2 at Contemporary Istanbul, 2008
-Archiving intern at Restoration and Conservation Centre Laboratory, Istanbul 2011
-“TII”- İzmir 2 Type T Penitentiary Illumination Exhibition- Illumination Design Tutor, Exhibition Producer- K2 Residence- İzmir- 2013
-“TII” Penitentiary Illumination Exhibition – Curator – Krampf Gallery –İstanbul- 2014
-PORTIZMIR 3- International Contemporary Art Triennial- Artist assistant (Dzamil Kamanger, Kalle Hamm, ULAY), İzmir- 2014
-“Öz – Terseness” Video and Sound Project- Art Director- İstanbul- İzmir(K2)- London(P3 Gallery)- 2014
-“İçi Dısı Alt Üst- Inside Upside Turned Upside Down, Merey Senocak SoloShow – Curation – K2 Contemporary A.C, İzmir-2015