Dear friends of BLOK art space,
As you all may know, in August 2014 BLOK art space contemporary art space has opened its doors in Çukurcuma and in 2016 has also aimed to diversify and broaden the contemporary art routes by opening a project space in one of Istanbul’s cultural heritage’s Büyük Valide Han. Besides continuous exhibitions and events running at Çukurcuma, BLOK art space has also featured the artist’s site-specific projects who particularly correlate their work within and to the space at Büyük Valide Han and together with these two venues BLOK art space has welcomed debates and discussions on contemporary art by providing different ways of meeting and gathering opportunities. 
At the end of 4 years, we are thrilled to be able to work with many artists, hold various exhibitions and public events, and to be able to learn together with all of you.
As BLOK art space team, we recently have taken a decision that we are going to continue our work, events, and our exhibitions without being attached to a fixed space beginning from fall season 2018. Even though the space at Çukurcuma is not going to operate anymore, we are going to continue our work with occasional and periodical projects at Büyük Valide Han project space, and through various spaces yet to be discovered for the future exhibitions and projects. We know that with every new space, a new research is going to be launched within. This is why by lowering the numbers of our annual events, we hope to get prepared for the future seasons by even more comprehensive exhibitions.
Thank you all for the support and interest you haveshowed us since the day we opened. For any question in your mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us via


Hope to see you all very soon,

BLOK art space team