Mustafa Bilge Satkın

Mustafa Bilge Satkın was born in 1978. He has a graduation and a master degree from Marmara University, Fine Arts Photography Division and got his proficiency in art in Mimar Sinan, Fine Arts with his thesis “ Documentary photography used as means of propaganda in Turkey”. He has been lecturing since 2006 in Marmara University Fine Arts Department. He participated in many group exhibitions in Turkey and overseas. His first solo exhibition “The Black and White İstanbul” in 2010 was a series of photoroportages which takes place in İstanbul. His second solo exhibition “Scarecrow” was displayed in Bursa Fotofest. His photoroportages in countries such as Yemen, İran and Afghanistan, was published in Anadolu Ajansı, Afp and Getty Images. Mustafa Bilge Satkın is still working on social documentary projects.

from Buzkashi series, 2016 Mustafa Bilge Satkın