Performistanbul presents Performance Night

6-8 pm

Performistanbul presents Performance Night, with the collaboration of The Art Department, where Performistanbul’s artists AslieMk, Batu Bozoğlu and Ekin Bernay will present simultaneous performances, within three separate areas of the gallery BLOK art space Çukurcuma.

Ekin Bernay
My Sandcastles
Duration: 2 Hours
Curator: Simge Burhanoğlu
Time: 6 pm

I want to build sandcastles, with the innocence of a child. Let me build myself, by putting together my own pieces. I see the pain, and you see me.

Ekin Bernay (1987, Istanbul) is a performance artist, dance and movement psychotherapist, living in London. She is seeking for the truth. Her main worries in her form is based on her existentialist questions about now. Always trying to create work in the here and now with as much honesty as she can bring. Her work comes from her heart, her life, her suffering, her pain in relation to everything else around these core themes.

She has 19 years of active dance experience, with previous performances at important stages such as Sadlers Wells and The Place in London. Having completed her bachelor’s degree in Communication and Design at Bilkent University, she moved to London for postgraduate studies, obtaining MA in Fashion Design Management from University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion and MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from University of Roehampton. Artist, alongside her career continues to work as Dance Therapist with downs syndrome, autism and adult mental health area. Now Bernay, continues her performance as an artist of performance platform Performistanbul.

Duration: 20 Minutes
Time: 6.30 pm

The second performance within the series “8” by AslieMk, investigates an artificial cycle of exchange and transitivity between two bodies. Throughout the performance, the duo is exhibiting a physical ritual of consecutive recurrences, by returning back an inorganic object that they remove from their body. The performance explores the short-lived transitivity of conceptual focus, while accelerating, slowing down, interrupted or becoming impossible as the ritual re-forms its conditions in each recurrence.

AslieMk is the performance duo project of Aslı Dinç and Mustafa Kemal Yurttaş where they explore the nature of being duo around the keywords like psychogeography, cosmic, ghostly-becoming and schizo-creative. As an art form, they are interested in the mediums in-between performative intervention and performative sculpture including new media, video, photography, audio installations.

Batu Bozoğlu
Just 15 Minutes
Duration: 15 Minutes
Time: 7 pm

Long gone are the days where everybody had 15 minutes of fame.

Just 15 Minutes aims to channel the boundless and endless stream of personal narrative of the contemporary media, and to incite the audience to act against and liberate themselves from its exploitation. The performance is investigating the status where the contract is broken by the art piece that refuses the process of ending and entertainment.

Born in 1983, Batu Bozoglu is a performance artist, living in Istanbul. His performances explore the politics of participation and authorship in interactive artworks, investigating between the audience and the author and the conventions that bind them. The artworks aim to broaden and/or challenge the roles of all the parties involved in the performance process and transform the medium into a more chaotic enterprise.

Bozoglu has a BA Painting in MUGSF and an MA in VAVCD from SU and is currently doing his PhD in Painting in MUGSF.