LOOP? – turning world – fragments and questions


loop? – turning world – fragments and questions
September 23 – October 31, 2016
Opening: 23rd of September, 6.30 pm
Artist Talk: Vera Drebusch – 26.09.2016, 6.30 pm
Artists: Vera Drebusch – Özge Enginöz
Curation: Eva Liedtjens

In constant movement – turning in the rhythm of the universe: The Life as such consists of a repetitive accumulation of patterns and fragmented realities which shape the kaleidoscope of our existence. How do we understand, how do we question the infinity of our turning world? Creation, destruction, love, hate, beauty, ugliness, relations and ambiguities seem to repeat themselves continuously. The exhibition shows selected works of the artists Özge Enginöz and Vera Drebusch. Both artists examine their personal questions to the world they are living in. In between poetry and politics the artists´ ideas on identity, gender, relation and the complexity of life are creating a fruitful loop.

The exhibition curated by Eva Liedtjens, art historian and curator working in Turkey and Germany, brings two young artistic positions from both countries into dialogue. During the show a selection of works and newly developed projects using different medias such as collage,artist books, video and installation will be displayed.

The young emerging artist from Cologne (GER) Vera Drebusch will have her first exhibition in Turkey at BLOK art space. The award winner of the Promotion Prize for young media artists of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany (Förderpreis des Landes NRW für junge Künstler) will show a variety of her works in which she is dealing with questions on family relations, identity, heritage, transience, love and parting. During her residency in Istanbul the artist will develop a side specific project and get into dialogue with the art world of Istanbul. Vera Drebusch´s work is shaped through her politically engaged position, based on humanistic ethics, and an empathetic regard to fundamental phenomena. In her recent works the universality as such fades the contexts and cultural references of her artistic observations into background.

“Should one reduce this protean work to its essential characteristics, one arrives at the simple, but infinitely rich and productive topos of transformation, the incessant change of all things. (…) These reduced statements invite a meditative contemplation and function, as do all new works by Vera Drebusch, as an optimistic memento mori: one sees in them the ephemerality of all life – and one sees the change in all the living.”
Dr. Emmanuel Mir, Catalogue New Talents Biennale Cologne 2016

The Istanbul based artist Özge Enginöz shows a selection of collages, video and installation. In her surrealistic views of the world and animated collages the viewer seems to be trapped in a constant repetition. In between claustrophobic nightmare and poetic reflection on life and universe, her works focus on questions of relations and how they shape our existence. The fragmented realities and worlds she creates, are influenced by poetry, science and found objects – objets trouvé. Old nutshells and dead flowers become creatures of another world and old photographs start to live. Pieces of the past tell about today. And the stars are in universal loop.

“I am concerned with our ways of existing and the things that prey on our minds. Our daily experience of existing in the world help us understand what it really means to be human beings. Our existences are defined by our relationships with other entities. To what extent are we really able to be ourselves in these relationships? Do we turn into something else? In terms of authenticity or artificiality, what do we choose to reveal or keep hidden? I believe that we are evolving and that living beings, geographies, and consequently maps are changing. (…)“
Özge Enginöz

The exhibition is a joint project by BLOK art space and NEOLA art projects, a platform for young, emerging art from Turkey and Germany.