(New) Media Arts Meetings

(New) Media Arts Meetings With Creative Çukurcuma

Date – 12.07 – 28.07.2016

Creative Çukurcuma is inviting you to BLOK art space to create a new platform where we can get together, read and talk about (New) Media Arts, grow together while learning from each other and develop new collaborations. You can rest on the pillows, take a look at the books that the artists or the curators are recommending or you can participate in a talk or a movie screening. All the events are free of charge and you are all invited!


July 12nd Tuesday
17.00 – Open Library Meeting & Conversation
18.00 – Movie Screening – Fantastic Planet (1973 France)

July 13th Wednesday 17:30
Failing Bodies and Women in Madness in19th Century Photography & Cinema
Moderator: Eda Sancaktar
Eda Sancaktar is giving lectures at Cinema Department of İstanbul Bilgi University on “Visual Culture”, “Selected Topics in Visual Culture: Face and Body” and doing her doctorate on the relation between women, madness and photography during Ottoman Empire era. We will discuss how the relations of movement-madness, stillness and death are rewritten through body and technology in the 19th century photography and cinema and why the female body is seen as the main reason for anxiety, over unusual practices and uncanny visuals.

**Recommended Reading List
Mapping the Moving Image: Gesture, Thought and Cinema circa 1900, Pasi Valiaho
In Your Face: Physiognomy, Photography, and the Gnostic Mission of Early Film, Tom Gunning

July 15th Friday
15:00 – The Link Between Maker Movement and Art – Gizem Renklidağ
Moderated by Gizem Renklidağ, we will be talking about the Maker Movement in Turkey, the latest projects and Maker Movement’s relation with art.

17:30 – THE SHEPHERD project presentation – Bager Akbay
Bager Akbay will present “The Shepherd” project in which he questions the existence of robotic artists in relation to the “new” tendencies of curators and galleries.

July 25th Monday – 18:00
Survival Guide for the New Media Artists
Artists: NOHLab Crew (Candaş Şişman & Deniz Kader), Deniz Derbent & Ufuk Barış Mutlu

July 26th Tuesday – 18:00
Performance Art: Here and Now
Moderator: Simge Burhanoğlu
Participant Artists – Gülhatun Yıldırım, Ebru Sargın
We will examine the performance art dynamics through the Performistanbul artists’ latest works with the founder of Performistanbul, Simge Burhanoğlu.

July 27th Wednesday – 18:00
18.00 – Ozan Türkkan – “Virtual Reality and Experience Age”
With the “Information Age is Over! Welcome to Experience Age” titled presentation, new media artist Ozan Türkkan will inform us about the progression of Virtual Reality works from their first steps until now, studies on virtual reality, technologies used in this field, social media relations, ties with art and where these ties may lead. The artist will set up a little corner of virtual reality for audience to experience virtual reality itself and also, his own works are to be illustrated.

July 28th Thursday – 18:00
What is happening in Kadıköy?
Talk with TOZ artist run space team about their new spaces and video arts
Artists: Ece Eldek, Elvan Ekren, Sinem Dişli and Volkan Kızıltunç

July 29th Friday
18:00 – Popcorn Night: movie screening
(Modulations by Iara Lee)

July 30th Saturday – 18:00
Timeless: YOĞUNLUK
(Founded in 2013 by İsmail Eğler, Nil Aynalı Eğler and Elif Tekir, YOĞUNLUK focuses on the production of art in relation with the space.)
Timeless: Yoğunluk initiative is invited to join Antalya Architecture Biennial 2015 with site-specific installation. Because of their sensitive approach to space choices the initiative have decided to apply a site-specific installation which is called “Timeless” and requested to use an old Turkish Bath which has been closed for 20 years.
Within this talk; situations that initiative have faced in 12 days -from the first day that they get into the borders of Antalya to the last day that exhibition starts- and the decisions and taken solutions according to these situations will be investigated.
After a brief explanation about conceptual content of this project, the talk is moving on to risky preferences that the initiative has faced through project process like how their actual design decisions on paper that they prepared before coming to Antalya was not suitable for the current circumstances of the space and how this situation led them have local support as well.
Also other precise problematics like how the elasticity is provided in this kind of projects that focuses on experience in historical spaces, which actions can be tolerated up to which levels will be discussed in this conversation.

Creative Çukurcuma is a non-profit art initiative based in Istanbul, Turkey. It was founded by Naz Cuguoğlu and Mine Kaplangı in 2015. Founded in response to a need for building a platform generating progressive dialogues and discussions on contemporary art, it aims to rebuild the nearly-forgotten ‘neighbor’ experience among the new generation through forming collaborations locally and internationally. These so-called neighbors for the initiative constitute of art centers, project-based spaces, art galleries and all other kinds of collaborative creative working spaces both in the neighborhood as well as out the neighborhood, thanks to its constantly growing local and international network. It focuses on providing its members and networks with an opportunity to learn about each other’s ongoing projects, exhibitions and activities and to collaborate and expand their horizons. It is a cumulative announcement board open to everyone. There will be periodical seminars, exhibitions, talks and performances organized by Creative Çukurcuma and announcements about projects taking place in and out the neighborhood.