Deniz Yılmaz’ın Hazin Hikayesi / 29 Ocak 2016


Deniz Yılmaz is a robot poet who’s trying to be a citizen. Even though most of the living creatures’ doesn’t have that right, he/she’s doing his/her best while it’s uncertain Deniz has the chance or not. He/she’s written poems on his/her own hands to be a part of the Posta Newspaper’s “Homeland’s Poets” column. Deniz has applied to the column but failed.

Project’s exhibited with completely different formats both at amberFestival and Contemporary Istanbul fair in October. A user guide’s been published at Laboro Ergo Sum exhibition, amberFestival, which allows users to create a Deniz Yılmaz clone at home. At the same time, at Contemporary Istanbul’s Plugin New Media section, Deniz Yılmaz’s been exhibited his/her first version writing poems and they’ve been bought by the collectors as artworks.

A robot’s works being bought by the collectors as artworks brings together authorship as a serious problem and brings the questions like “who we really are” and “how we produce” into the discussion.

On Thursday, 29th January at 5:30 pm we’ll meet at BLOK art space and discuss the story of Deniz Yılmaz with Bager Akbay. Everybody is invited.