Istanbul Queer Art Collective Presents
Fluxus Remakes Live Vol II

Istanbul Queer Art Collective will be contributing to the September Art Overdose in the city.

For those of you who will already be running from one art event to another on Saturday the 12th of September, we suggest you take a break at BLOK art space anytime between 17.30 to 19.30 and come have a look at the latest installment of Istanbul Queer Art Collective’s ongoing project of rendering Fluxus performances both “local” and “queer”.

If you visit SUIKINKUTSU you will be able to…

* Learn exactly how hot you are by participating in the Temperature Experiment,

* Bring a cherished object with you in order to obtain precise measurements as to how much of the weight of the world you have shouldered,

* Look at the contents of the WaterTable without being able to touch let alone eat,

* and experience all this in an atmosphere filled with ambient water sounds

Istanbul Queer Art Collective will be adding their own sweet water to the Biennale’s salt water with Fluxus Remakes Vol II: SUIKINKUTSU.

Performers: Seda Ergül, Tuna Erdem, Sema Semih and Emrah İlerigelen.

Sound: Onur Karagöz


Drip Music, Fluxversion (George Brecht, 1959)

Symphony No:3 (George Brecht, 1964)

Zyklus (Tomas Schmit, 1962)

Temperature Experiment (Mieko Shiomi, 1966)

A Piece for Chieko Shiomi (Robert Bozzi, 1966)

Water Table (Ken Friedman, 1971)

Fluxus Balance Piece for Mieko Shiomi (Ken Friedman, 1991)