Plugin Istanbul – 12-15 Kasım 2015

Michael Fischer

Flimmern is a German term which was used to describe how the motion of the light on the screen in a cinema casted by a film projector acts. Furthermore it means the irregular change between bright and dark.

A motion picture is projected on glass, and the glass embodies the image. What has been flat and seems to have only two dimensions receives a third dimension. It is given a physical body which takes an effect on the structure of the image, and the material inscribes itself into the image while mediating it. The light shining through is reflected at the same time. With this, three images are created as final.

* The work is an ongoing experiment on understanding media which I started in Istanbul in 2014. My objective with this work was to explore the projection of a motion picture. Any projected picture seems to be flat once it is projected on a wall. On the contrary, the projection is spatial as light, appears as a spatial phenomenon in which space receives a visual existence that is quite immaterial. I decided to work with glass as a material. This became important for my research for glass is a medium and an object at the same time. In this experiment with projection the material lends the motion picture into a physical form.

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