THE EDIBLE INFINITE // Marco Di Giovanni

“L’infinito commestibile – The Edible Infinite” is Marco Di Giovanni’s first solo show in Turkey. This exhibition will be a part of a project he creates in three different locations. Artist has two other exhibitions in Italy at the same time with BLOK art space: Museo San Domenico and BeCube in Imola, Il Chiostro Arte Contemporanea in Saronno.

One part of the BLOK art space is lined with an accumulation of Moleskine diaries: the work is entitled Gran Sasso. Moleskine agendas are installed open on a design drawn in pencil which constructs, in the ensemble, a very light representation of the skyline from the Gran Sasso seen from Teramo, the birthplace of Marco Di Giovanni.

“I confuse in pencil the contours of the entire world and its division into time zones to reach the only place that is original to me and therefore timeless,”

In the the main room there is a complex installation, in the form of a visual diary, a meticulous record of all that the artist has ingested in solid or liquid form in the last eleven months: The Edible Infinite.

From the 18th of May 2014 (the artist’s birthday) Marco Di Giovanni has begun to draw everything that he has ingested over the last year and will continue this process until the next 18th of May. The result of this performance expanded over the time is a large quantity of ink drawings on yellow food paper (mainly trattoria placemats).

A video will show in a long series all the designs the artists realized during the on year long performance, while the audio, made in collaboration with Gianluca Favaron “digital sound craftsman”, will play back, re- worked on the computer, sounds obtained by recording the chewing, swallowing and digestion of the artist.

Modern fatigue is hence summed up in this necessary nourishment of the body joint with the obsession generated by food itself: magazine publications on the topic, television programs in which the chef becomes the absolute leader and supreme, to the clicking food bloggers of Instagram. Food has become an obsession, has departed from what is nutrition for the body, thus implementing a relationship shift on the research and investigation of reality.

“we are what we eat” says Marco Di Giovanni.

You can visit the exhibition “The Edible Infinite” at BLOK art space, Istanbul until the 16th of June 2015.

Italian art historian Cristiana Curti has written an article on all three “The Edible Infinite” exhibitions , you can find it here.

Marco Di Giovanni was born in Teramo in 1976, and lives and works in Imola and Valsalva. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts and the DAMS, in Bologna. Initially his research focussed on performance, to then create, in parallel, installations and sculptures derived from happenings. His work is characterized by the use of different elements, including iron pipes and cisterns, which the artist recovers and assembles creating objects and sculptures that integrate with the surrounding environment. The exterior and interior of these structures are complementary. Often, on the surface, the artist inserts oculars built with clusters of lenses, which distort the vision of the interior thus opening the eyes to another dimension. Among his solo exhibitions are: Archivio Zero Media Zanchetta, Bologna; Interno Dum Dum, Bologna; 10.2!, Milan; Artericambi, Verona; Otto Gallery, Bologna; Carloni Spazio Arte, Frankfurt. Among his collections: Centre Pompidou, Paris; GAM, Bo- logna (large installations set up in the Gardens of Villa Guastavillani); Galleria Il Chiostro, Saronno; Galleria Il Ponte, Florence. In 2010 his work was exhibited in important collections at the Russian Academy of Moscow and the Marta Museum of Herford. In 2014 he was selected at the “VAF Award”, which led him to exhibit at the Schauwerk Museum in Sindelfingen, the Stadtgalerie in Kiel and Palazzo Penna in Perugia.

* our interview with Marco Di Giovanni