BEDELSİZ // Göksu Gül // Mart – Nisan 2015

“babies” (detail) , installation, 2015

Göksu Gül was born in Ankara in 1984. Since graduating from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty’ Painting Department in 2006, Göksu has been working as a cartoonist for various magazines. The artist has been showing her works, in which she combines her talent in drawing with her curiosity towards nature, at group exhibitions. Following the initial processes of exploring and analyzing nature, Göksu’s recent drawings focus on the transformation and development processes of live forms. While these processes were further investigated through her sculptures that employ different materials, her latest large canvas works portray rather macro depictions of nature. The artist shares her admiration for existence as she presents the viewer with a “free of charge” esthetics through forms. Showing her first ever solo exhibition that will take place at BLOK art space, Göksü Gül currently lives and works in İstanbul.

“We keep complaining that art is underappreciated in our country… We correlate this fact with economic backgrounds, and we worsen the situation by making “high art” even more inaccessible… Yet, all one needs to do in order to see this exhibition is to take a single public bus ride. Like a view of the mountains, I am offering a beautiful scene free of charge.”
Göksu Gül

“Free of Charge” exhibition will open on Friday, March 13 and will be showing till Saturday, April 25 at BLOK art space.