BLOK art space is having its grand opening with a photography exhibition that shares the name with the venue: “BLOCK”.

The opening exhibition, which will take place between October 10 and November 7 of 2014, investigates the graying of contemporary life, urbanization, and the heaviness and darkness of mechanization from the perspectives of two artists’ experiences in different cities.

During the joint exhibition “BLOCK”, artists Akzidenz and Ahmet Selçuk Bitikçioğlu will discuss the same problem in separate rooms of the space.

Akzidenz was born in Dusseldorf, Germany. His academic background in art and communication heavily influences his work; instead of an interest in the representational qualities of the photograph, Akzidenz focuses on exploring the fringes of each terrain. This attention stems from the will to abstain from using photography as a traditional means of representation, but rather the aim is to create a platform for discourse and thought. The artist, who lives and works between New York and Paris, is a photographer as well as an art director for world-known brands.

Ahmet Selçuk Bitikçioğlu was born in Istanbul in 1988. Graduating from Üsküdar High School in 2006, he started his degree in photography in Kocaeli Fine Arts University in 2010. Having transferred to Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University’s Photography Department in 2011, the artist continues to produce his works in Istanbul.



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