Istanbul Queer Art Collective Presents
Fluxus Remakes Live Vol. I:


21st-22nd-23rd of August 2014
Blok art space

Performance, Exhibition, Artist talk

1) Performance: 21.08.2014, 17.00

• For La Monte Young, Emmett Williams, 1962.
• Rotterdam Exchange, Ken Friedman, 1986.
• Wounded Furniture, Alison Knowles, 1965.
• Lessons I, Davi Det Hompson, 1969.
• Empaquetage pour Christo, Ken Friedman, 1967.

The event will begin at 17.00 sharp and the scores listed above will be performed in a series that will create a unique combination. When it will end cannot be predetermined. However you can leave at any time at your own peril.
IMPORTANT: The event is free in the sense that you do not buy a ticket. However every audience member is expected to bring an object that s/he will not be taking back. The object can be as small as a button and/or without value like an empty water bottle. You will be asked to present your object upon entry. Your small (big), valuless (preferably) object will be your entry ticket.If you stay until the end you will be able to take away another object (not the one you brought) with value added to it.

2) Artist Talk: 22.08.2014, 18.00

Explaining Fluxus, Ken Friedman, 1986
İstanbul Queer Art Collective Members will answer all your questions like:
what do you think you are doing? Is this art?
Etc. Etc.

3) Exhibition from 21.08.2014 to 23.08.2014

• Balloon: In Memoriam to Umut Sürel A.K.A. Faciya von Tiss, Istanbul Queer Art Collective, Performance video, 15’41’’, 2014

• Street Cleaning Event, Istanbul Queer Art Collective, Perfromance video, 49’53’’, 2012

• Wounded Furniture, Istanbul Queer Art Collective, mixed media object, 2014

• Rotterdam Exchange Lessons, Istanbul Queer Art Collective, mixed media object, 2014


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